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I made my debut as a producer and director in theatre in 2018 when I opened a production company, Misfits Theatre Group. The company was aimed at providing a safe place for trained actors, who were not yet professional, to gain more experience in the industry.

We started with workshops and grew to produce 2 successful shows in 2019 before the company closure in 2020 due to Covid-19. 

The cast and crew of each workshop and show have made long lasting connections and are still creating productions of their own today.

I have since produced and directed a short film "Looking Up" during lockdown.



Romantic Fools

March 2019

With a cast of 12 actors, and a crew of 3, the Misfits tackled the UK premier of the hilarious adult romantic comedy play - written by the talented American playwrite, Rich Orloff and produced and directed by Carla Hart.

October 2019

A flash back to the nostalgia of school days! From the trials of not wanting to go to school to seeing your teacher at the weekend, the Misfits entertained with a hilarious and fun filled timetable of poetry, songs and monologues based on a typical day at school - produced and directed by Carla Hart

Back 2 Skool


Looking Up

April 2020

I entered a competition that was part of an initiative to encourage filmmakers to keep filming during lockdown. At the time I was living on a narrowboat with no equipment, no software and no crew and no budget. I had also never made a film before.
The film was shot entirely on my phone, using a pair of headphones and a second phone as a lav mic and receiver.


“I have worked with Carla on numerous productions. Her direction is one of calm, focused observation whilst giving the actor an opportunity to take risks. As a producer, she has a solid understanding of the theatrical process in order to deliver to a high standard."”

- Alison Foster, Actress

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